What is Retro_Vision ?

Retro_Vision is a gaming blog focused on the review and critique of video-games with the objective of generating content that delivers information through short, almost spoiler-free lines of text based on a personal opinion to others interested in knowing more about specific games or genres, or those who just wish to know how others feel about a title they just finished.
The subject to critique will often be the game's mechanics, looks, system, and overall design, always with a fair reason as to why I ended up feeling in a certain way.

By using my own time and money I hope to get you to save your time and money, all by reviewing games that may potentially come out as flavorless for you in the future, if obviously, you were to pick them in the first place.


About Me

Yes, this is Neil from To The Moon

My name in this blog is Caius (inspired by the name of a character in a game I used to love), and I'm a human being just like most of you. Second to that I'm a gamer, a lover of the beauty, and the joy games can bring to us in the hard moments of life.

Personality-wise, I'm a skeptical person, with very cynical humour, so when reading through my posts you know what to expect. I can be very serious when I try, so even if I include some small jokes here and there, they are not meant to be distracting in any way, and it should always come as a complement to make the texts more fun and interesting to read, and not to slip too far from the informative aspect of a critique.

The platform that I mostly use is PC, but I do respect and enjoy the games from multiple platforms, as variety is much appreciated. The genre of the games I'll be reviewing will mostly be RPGs, Action, Sandboxes, Adventure, and Story-Telling but I won't limit myself and I'll play anything as long as it looks interesting. 

Oh, and did I mention I learned English all by myself ? That's right ! All my knowledge in the language comes from my own learning skills and self-discipline, so if some of the texts suck, you already know who to blame.


Why The Name "Retro_Vision"?

The name takes inspiration from the effect of a pill from the game The Binding of Isaac, that will briefly pixelate the screen for a few seconds once used.

The Binding of Isaac is a game I have played and enjoyed for a really, really long time, and I have been closely watching its development journey for over the years. My story with the game started all the way back in 2011, when the game made its first official appearance, in Flash version.

After many hours gloriously spent into the game, hearing the narrator say "Retro Vision" time and time again, the sound of it eventually simply stuck with me. Plus the idea behind the item: "temporarily changing one's vision over something for a short amount of time" is one I think sounds really great, and that's why I decided to name the blog after the item.


Review Scores

In Retro_Vision, one of the first things you'll likely notice is that all reviews have ratings in the form of scores. They are all numbers ranging from 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst possible score, and 10 being reserved for only the best of the best. The scores should take into account my own opinion, and also other player's opinions, based on the game's overall reputation. 

Here's a list with every score and their meaning for further clarification: 




The worst a game can possibly be. These types of games are not worth the investment of your time and money, nor your patience as you're surely going to need a lot to go through such horror. You should avoid them at all costs, unless you want to be traumatized forever. You'll rarely or possibly never see games scored this low in here, as these types of games are usually not worth reviewing.




An atrocious game is a game that failed at many things, if not everything. They are games that are a little less worse than those that are of dreadful quality, yet they still don't deliver anything new or interesting and are just a waste of everyone's time, so, again, you'll rarely if ever see games with such low scores.



There are some games in this world that are better just being avoided. Some even make us wonder how a human being wearing a serious face can possibly create such a distasteful, bad game that can't be described by anything but a bad joke. If you ever see a game scored 3.5 or below, the best advice is, again, avoid playing it at all costs.




Awful is reserved for the games that had potential, could've been interesting and offer some value, but sadly this potential is often hidden deep down a pile of messy, poorly executed concepts, making it impossible to recommend such games. 




A bad game is a game of dubious quality. They often have a cool concept, some cool values and characteristics, but aren't memorable, lacking what it takes to keep players interested, aren't fun and the content isn't worth engaging. These are the types of games that you finish, and that's it, you just move on to the next more interesting thing and forgets about the game like it never existed.




An okay game is a game that clearly had some effort put into creating some interesting content but still lacked in being innovative or too interesting. Games that showed truly great potential but had some hard to overlook shortcomings. Still, they offered a somewhat great value and because of this they are still worth playing, but only by those who know they can take the risk.




Not a masterpiece, and very far from mediocrity. They aren't the greatest thing, but they still have high chances of being an enjoyable experience for many people. The games that are totally worth checking out, so look out for those if you want to know when a game is good and well worth your time.




A superior game, a game that gets many things done right. Playing through it is usually a great and fun experience, and they're also very memorable because of their great qualities. Despite being great games that clearly delivered a lot, they left some to be desired, and showed to still have room for improvement.




A game that can't be recommended enough. Their content is masterfully executed and they have a lot to offer, rising above all competing titles. A piece of art, result of the hard work of a team passionate about what they're creating, and it translates into a beautifully crafted game that is sure to be an extremely enjoyable and fun experience for most people.




A masterpiece is the closest a game can get to perfection. These types of games shine the brightest, raising the bar high, inspiring common players, and game creators alike for many years. They are totally worth checking out even if they aren't your favorite style for they can turn out to be your new most favorite thing, and one you'll hold in the highest regards for a long, long time.

At the end of every review you'll also find a concise, very organized section containing all the aspects of each game that stood out the most for me in either a positive or negative way.

I will always name eight of the most relevant characteristics (four positives, four negatives), all of varying intensity, like, taking the negatives as an example, different levels of problems, similar to comparing flawed texture details to broken mechanics, with the latter one obviously representing a much bigger threat to any healthy gaming section.

Containing a profound view in each game, the reviews should always inform you with what there is that holds the most value for you any given title, naming as well what can be a distraction on the long road to success.

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