Grim Dawn Review

Mission Against Total Human Termination .

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 ...Could we ever let the sun (finally) set over at humanity's already low horizon?... 

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Do any of you ever feel like wiping humanity from the face of the earth sometimes? Weird question to begin with, I know, but... don't you? Oh man, stop looking at me like that, I am simply playing around, obviously. There's no use for such question when we all know they will do it themselves, sooner or later! But what if someone else showed up to quicken what is already inevitable? Hmm, food for thought, alright. And what if someone else on top of this someone else showed up to make things even more special ? Getting interesting, ain't it? Well, you got on yourself every reason to be excited, because grimmer days unlike any other started popping humanity's already low horizon in recent times at a spine-breaking rate.


Aaaand we're set I guess — all we have to do now is lay low for a while, and simply let nature do its thing. Oh, look! A vengeful spirit thirsting for blood is coming right our way, so let's do the only reasonable thing and have a quick wave at him. Edit 1: bad news, people–it turns out I was also a target in the invading force's schemings, send help, pls ! This vessel, as referred to by the thing that now inhabits my body is heading towards a human settlement, so maybe a quick shot in the head and I'll finally be set free from this torment. Edit 2: as expected, dumbass underestimated human resilience, and now my former body is about to get hanged. Yeah, it was lots of fun while it lasted–be seeing ya peeps! At least I remembered to delete my search history... Edit 3: they cut me loose at the last second, and now that I am fully recovered, guess I'll have to have a little talk with the manager.





I won't tap 

This phrase has probably been used a lot lately

this is how most of my days went 


If your heart is on slaying endless hordes of enemies

nostalgia trip


The day is, I get back from school, I boot up my old Xbox

when the summers were warmer and the nights lasted longer than they do today
fills me up with nostalgia

classes that excel
danger cutting on humanity from all corners
sub-optimal builds = long dragging combat
this review will be focused on the single player aspect of the game, because I didn't get to enjoy multiplayer myself because I've no friends to play with
a staggering amount of something


Positive symbol 1

Incredibly fluid as well as responsive controls and commands that works wonderfully... most of the time that is.

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Superb visuals in a marvelous setting, thanks to an out-of-this-world combination of realism and a heavily themed art style.

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High replayability value, with new events that may unfold depending on your actions and how you approach missions.

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​Multiple alternatives to paths we can take to reach our goal; stuff like ledges, rooftops, open windows, among other things.

Negative symbol 1

Instances where controls don't work as correctly as they should, often resulting in a failed undetected takedown when it happens.

Negative symbol 2

Decisions not mattering a whole lot unless on the edge of the two prevalent extremes of the chaos system.

Negative symbol 3

While quite fun to explore, story left some to be desired, in some areas more than others, one being in predictability.

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Grim Dawn

A unique game that offers a memorable experience, and is really good at keeping players engaged with the story and how it unfolds. The game rewards strategy and creative thinking, as well as timing and precision which adds a lot to the overall experience and gameplay.

06/18/2020 - Caius, The Otherwordly Assassin

Not as challenging as is to be expected, with difficulty settings doing very little to help circumvent the problem.