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Games of The Month (April 2023)

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For Those Craving Some Extra Adventure .

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This month's top 4 Indie games is packed

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Silt (Aka Deep-Sea Limbo): Looks Like Leviathan Has Competition .

Don't let the simplistic looks fool you, not everything that is black and white has to be old and dated. Much to the contrary, Silt makes a special case for itself with its sharp visuals and an immersive inked atmosphere that unironically feels almost hypnotic to look at. In it you play as a human-like character whom for some reason thought it worthwhile to go scuba diving in mariana's trench.

When trying to run away is as futile an effort as running in place...

If exploring the endless black ocean wasn't terrifying enough,


welcome on-board

doing so while having the knowledge that terrifying monstrously sized creatures lurk around in the dark should get you swimming back to the surface in no time. A bone-chilling adventure that reminds greatly of both Shadow of The Colossus, as well as Limbo due to its singular aesthetic, as well as an uncommon thematic. It has a hint of 


foggy waters, engulfed in darkness

take control of smaller fish through a weird soul-reaching technique that allows us to take advantage of each specie's unique ability to control the environment they live in. Overall a pretty nice game that builds up its plot, but that an open-ended finale leaves you wondering if there was a better way for you to spend your

lurking around


Black and white
Massive, colossal, monstrously-sized deep-sea abyssal maritime creatures
Sharp art-style
We are no more than easy prey
Shadow of the colossus, except... a little underwater?
Soul absorption/possession elements
Very intuitive
Immense teeth
Hipnotic vibes
Crisp sound design
Sea kings
Deafening quietude
Shorter than expected, but a fun venture nonetheless
Anti-climatic ending

The Excavation of Hob's Barrow: A Mystery-Filled Field Trip .

A short, atmospheric, filled point-clicker 


beautiful pixel-art

fine voice acting, which is quite rare for similar games

Intrigues you


Suprisingly extensive and wide with possibilities

The Spirit And The Mouse: An Elusive .

In Nightmare: -------------------------------------------- .

Final Thoughts & Honorable Mentions .

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